The overview of the site and an introduction of the owner.

Posted on 2023年2月17日 (Last modified on 2023年4月2日) • about 2 min

This is an overview of the site and an introduction of the owner.

Since the content is occasionally updated, it would be great if you could access it whenever you remember.

About This Site

This is a personal blog where the owner writes about their favorite things, from digital content to spot-the-difference games.

Posting Frequency

Since late May 2022, the blog is updated roughly once a week. However, there may be weeks when the owner is too busy to update, or when the article is thin and unsatisfactory.

Before the blog started updating once a week, it was updated completely irregularly. It was common to go more than a month without an update.


  • All sponsored posts will be declined
  • Write honestly about what I think

That’s the gist of it.

Please note that this is a personal blog where the owner writes freely, so there is no accurate, objective information that could be used for academic research, for example.

(Well, I don’t expect people who are looking for that kind of information to come to this site…)

Technical Details

This site is made using the Hugo framework.

Previously, Jekyll was used, but it was migrated due to integration with the portfolio site.

Cloudflare Pages is used for hosting, and it is operated completely free of charge except for the domain fee.

That’s why there are no ads and it doesn’t run at a loss.

Access Analysis

We use “Cloudflare Web Analytics”, a privacy-friendly tool, to analyze the number of accesses.

This is to help with future article writing by knowing which articles are popular.

For details, please see the Privacy Policy.



A student who develops web applications.

Mainly focused on front-end development, but has recently started working on back-end development as well.

Languages I’m Good At

  • HTML
  • Pug
  • CSS
  • Sass
  • JavaScript
  • Python

Languages I Want to Study in the Future

  • PHP
  • Java
  • Ruby
  • Go
  • AWS

Portfolio Site



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