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2023/01/23 Correction of wording

2022/09/21 Change from GoatCounter, the access analysis tool used, to Cloudflare Web Analytics and improved readability

About This Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains what information my site collects from users and how it is used.

This privacy policy applies to all services provided by the domain (including subdomains).

Collected Information

my site uses two services, “Google Search Console” and “Cloudflare Web Analytics” to collect information about user access.

The main data collected is as follows:

Google Search Console

  • Number of views of my site on search engines using Google and its systems (hereinafter referred to as “search engines”)
  • Number of visitors from search engines
  • Average ranking on search engines
  • Browser/OS used when searching for my site on search engines
  • Country of origin when searching for my site on search engines
  • Search terms used to find my site

Cloudflare Web Analytics

  • Access date and time
  • Country of origin of access
  • Browser/OS used for access
  • Source of access (e.g., from Google search or Twitter)
  • Time taken to load the page

Access analysis services do not collect information that can identify individuals. In addition, operators can only view information that has been statistically processed by access analysis services.

The collected information is used to analyze the trends of visitors’ interests and provide better content or to quickly discover and correct problems with web pages.

Uncollected Information

my site does not collect or have any intention of collecting users’ personal information (information that can identify individuals).

The operator cannot know the set time or alarm sound in Yamada’s Timer, or the numbers that appear in Yamada Bingo.

The save data for the apps is stored on the user’s device, not on the server. Specifically, I use local storage.

These data can be deleted from the browser settings. Also, in so-called secret mode, these data are automatically deleted when the browser is closed.

About Cookies

Most of the programs on my site contain services or programs created by third parties.

If these programs use cookies, it is for users’ comfortable experience, not for tracking users.


If you have any questions, unclear points, or requests, please feel free to contact us through the contact form or the GitHub Issue.

** This privacy policy may be subject to change without notice.

** This privacy policy is a translation of the original in Japanese. If there are any differences between the two versions, the Japanese version will take precedence.

Last updated: 2023年4月2日